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<aside> 📢 Please note: this list is purely informative. You still have to go to the Vault to download the files. Go to the folder of the creator in question and then search for the file with Ctrl + F. If you see a R next to an item in the list, it has been a request that has been filled when requests were open.


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TS4 Rebels are a donation based group. We cannot do this without generous rebel supporters like you! Whether you’d like to make a one-time donation or become a regular donor, please go to our contact ****page and send us a message.


<aside> 📑 Google Sheets

The Google Sheets have been retired and are now archived. From now on, updates will be posted on this website and on our Twitter feed. We are aware many links on our Google Sheets are broken. It takes time to reupload them to The Vault. Thanks for your patience!


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The best way to remain safe on the internet is by installing browser security extensions. One such extension is called uBlock Origin, which blocks malicious ads that could otherwise potentially infect your computer with viruses and/or trojans. We highly recommend you install uBlock Origin, as well as other browser security extensions that would be of benefit to your security and privacy.


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